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How to install the chainsaw chain?

chainsaw chain

  How to install the chainsaw chain?

The steps to install the chainsaw chain are as follows:

Turn off the power to the chainsaw and remove the chainsaw blade.

Remove the old chain. If you are replacing a chain, you will need to remove the old chain first. This usually involves a lock nut and one or two block nuts holding the chain in place. Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut and remove the block nut to loosen the tension on the chain. And remove the old chain.

Prepare new chain. Make sure the new chain is the right type for the saw model and oriented correctly, with the sharp barbs facing you.

Install the new chain. Wrap the new chain around the gear and align it side by side. Adjust the length of the chain to be consistent with the length of the chainsaw blade. Make sure that the slot of the chain is aligned with the slot of the guide plate and stuck, and then clamp the end of the chain on the rotating shaft of the main machine. superior.

Replace the cover and tighten the screws.

Adjust the chain tightness. Use the red button to adjust the tightness of the chain. After the chain is installed, a width of about 1 cm should be left, or adjust the knob to adjust the tightness of the chain. It is best to pull up the chain to expose 2 to 3 teeth, and tighten the fixing screws.

Inject engine oil. Inject engine oil through the oil injection port to maintain chain lubrication.

Test the chainsaw. As a final step, the chainsaw chain needs to be tested after installation to ensure that all accessories are placed correctly.

During the entire process, be sure to follow the steps in the electric saw’s instruction manual and pay attention to safety when operating. If you are not familiar with how to adjust chain tension, it is recommended to seek professional advice.

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