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Detailed explanation of the installation steps of chainsaw chain?

  Detailed explanation of the installation steps of chainsaw chain?

1. Preparation work

Before replacing the chainsaw chain, turn off the power and remove the chainsaw blade and take out the old chain. Get a new chain of the correct type and a wrench.

2. Disassemble the old chain

Most chainsaw chains have a locking nut and one or two blocking nuts to secure the chain. Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut and remove the blocking nut. Release the tension on the chain and remove the old chain.

3. Install new chain

Wrap the new chain around the gear and align it. Adjust the chain length to match the length of your chainsaw blade. When replacing the chain, make sure the chain is oriented in the same direction as before. Place the chain on the gear and veneer, and rotate the gear to ensure proper chain insertion.

4. Adjust the chain tightness

When tightening the lock nut, make sure the chain tension is appropriate. If the chain is too loose, it will result in reduced work efficiency, while if it is too tight, it will cause excessive friction and a short service life. Using the tools and equipment recommended by the manufacturer, test the chain’s tension by tightening the lock nut to prevent the chain from loosening. If you’re unfamiliar with how to adjust chain tension, it’s best to seek professional advice.

5. Test the chainsaw chain

In the last step, the chainsaw chain needs to be tested after installation to ensure that all accessories are placed correctly. Once adjusted, you can turn on the saw and test the new chain on the wood.

The installation of a chainsaw chain requires attention to a series of factors that will affect the efficiency and lifespan of your chainsaw. Which chain to choose depends on your chainsaw and the work you want to complete. It is recommended to consult a professional and obtain detailed information before choosing.

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