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How to start a chainsaw?

  How to start a chainsaw?

The chainsaw needs to idle for one minute after starting. Need to check if it is working properly. It should be noted that when starting, do not get close to rotating parts, please pay full attention to safety.

There are two types of chainsaws. One is Type 78. The fuel tank must be filled with 25:1 gasoline before use. There is an oil pump device on the right side of the carburetor. Press the device firmly and hold the gas until it flows out. When the ignition is on, simply lock the throttle and pull the cable. This chainsaw does not require opening or closing the door.

The other is a small chainsaw. The gasoline ratio of this chainsaw is 15:1. After turning on the ignition, lock the accelerator with the steering wheel, pull out the right door, and close the door several times.

A chain saw is a powered saw used in logging and materials manufacturing. The saw’s cutting mechanism is a saw chain, which uses a gasoline engine. Chain saws have high power and high vibration efficiency, and have now become the leading cutting machinery. Chain saws use reliable ignition devices. Because the fuel supply system uses a gasoline pump, the operation is very simple, but subsequent maintenance is very complicated.

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