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How to use a chainsaw?

  How to use a chainsaw?

When using a chainsaw, follow these steps:

Inspection and preparation. Make sure the chainsaw’s gas tank is filled to the appropriate ratio of gasoline (usually 25:1 or 15:1) and that the chain is well lubricated. Check the sharpness and tightness of the chain. The chain should be installed on the baffle with the saw teeth facing upward. The tightness of the chain should be kept neither loose nor tight.

Safety equipment. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including helmets, earplugs, glasses, masks and gloves.

How to operate. Hold the handle steadily so that the teeth of the saw are embedded in the wood, and apply slight downward pressure to cut through the wood in a continuous motion. Keep the saw teeth in a straight line and be careful not to get caught in the gaps in the wood.

Standing posture. Make sure to keep your feet firmly on one side of the saw’s cutting path, and position yourself so that you don’t get too close to the chain when the saw is running.

​Avoid rebound. Hold the saw with both hands, wrapping it firmly with your thumbs, one hand on the back handle and the other on the front handle. Before you start sawing, make sure you are firmly planted on your feet, standing to one side of the saw’s cutting path, and positioned so that you are not close to the chain when the saw is running.

Cutting principle. Run the saw at maximum power to prevent pinching or kickback. Cut only one piece of wood at a time and avoid cutting multiple branches or wood at the same time.

Please note that you must be careful when operating your chainsaw and follow all safety guidelines and operating instructions.

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