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The correct way to use a cordless chainsaw?

  The correct way to use a cordless chainsaw?

1. Install the saw blade

Before using the cordless electric saw, you need to install the saw blade correctly according to the instructions. First, make sure the power of the chainsaw is turned off, and then insert the saw blade into the guide rail. When inserting, make sure the saw blade is inserted smoothly and do not insert it with force to avoid damage.

2. Load the battery

The battery of a cordless chainsaw needs to be charged and fully charged first. When loading the battery, make sure the power of the chainsaw is turned off, then find the battery loading port and install the battery correctly according to regulations to ensure a stable connection.

3. Turn on the chainsaw

After confirming that the saw blade and battery are installed correctly, you can turn on the electric saw through the power switch on the electric saw. Before operating, you should check the working status of the electric saw to confirm that it is in normal working condition.

4. Usage skills

1. Keep a safe distance when using to prevent accidents.

2. After turning on the electric saw, use both hands to hold it steady to avoid losing balance due to vibration.

3. The cutting direction is along the rotation direction of the saw blade, and do not drag the cutting backwards.

4. When cutting, keep the saw blade perpendicular to the working surface to avoid skewing the cutting effect.

5. If you encounter unexpected situations such as rebound or jamming, release the power switch immediately and wait for the saw blade to stop rotating before taking subsequent measures.

6. After use, please turn off the power switch in time, remove the saw blade, and clean it.

As an efficient and convenient tool, the cordless electric saw is self-evident if used correctly. We hope that the introduction in this article will enable users to use cordless chainsaws more skillfully and easily, and ensure safety during use.

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