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The correct way to use a chainsaw?

  The correct way to use a chainsaw

The correct way to use a chainsaw includes the following steps:

​Check the equipment. Make sure the saw’s chain and guide are assembled correctly and that the brake guard is in place.

Safety measures. Make sure the electric saw is equipped with triple protection of safety switch and main switch to prevent danger caused by misoperation.

Prepare the work area. Make sure the work area is safe and the floor is dry, use pads to secure the workpiece and create a slope for stable cutting.

Fix the workpiece. Before starting to cut, make sure the workpiece is firmly fixed on the workbench or backing board to avoid movement or vibration during the cutting process.

Cutting skills. When using an electric saw, keep the saw blade perpendicular to the working surface to avoid skewed cutting. The cutting direction should be along the rotation direction of the saw blade, and do not drag the cutting backwards.

Start the chainsaw. Start the electric saw before cutting and wait for the saw blade to rotate stably before cutting.

Cutting operation. For smaller or thinner boards, you can support it with your left hand and hold the saw handle with your right hand to slowly advance the saw forward. For larger boards, use both hands to hold the saw handle while cutting.

End the operation. When the cutting is nearly completed, you should have one hand free to hold the side of the workpiece or plate that is about to fall, and the other hand to push the saw smoothly to the end of the sawing line, and lift the saw body to complete the operation.

Turn off the chainsaw. After use, turn off the power switch of the electric saw and unplug the power plug. Wait for the chainsaw to come to a complete stop before cleaning and storing.

Additionally, when using a chainsaw, you should also wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves, to protect yourself from splashes and hot parts.

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