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What brands of electric drill screwdrivers are there?

  What brands of electric drill screwdrivers are there?

There are many well-known brands on the electric drill screwdriver market, including but not limited to the following:

WORX: This is an international high-end power tool brand created by Baoshide Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Vickers is a modern large-scale multinational company integrating power tool R&D, manufacturing and marketing. WORX WX series: such as WX242, WU130X, etc. These models of electric drill screwdrivers are usually multi-functional, lightweight and easy to use, and are suitable for household and DIY projects.

Black & Decker: This brand originated in the United States in 1910. It is a world-famous brand of electrical tools and small household appliances. Baidu has established a historical position with its gun-handled portable electric drill and enjoys a high reputation in product innovation, product quality, and product design.

METABO: This is a professional power tool manufacturer with a long history, founded in Germany in 1924. Metabo is a large manufacturer of industrial-grade power tools that is world-renowned for its safety, quality, and efficiency. METABO BS series: such as BS 12V, BS 18V, etc. METABO’s hand drills have high performance and durability, and are suitable for professional workers and DIY enthusiasts.

DEVON: DEVON is the brand of Quanfeng (China) Tool Sales Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development, design, manufacturing, testing, sales and after-sales service of power tools and related products. DEVON DD series: Such as DD121, DD12, etc. DEVON brand brushless hand drills have strong power and long-lasting battery life, and are suitable for various heavy-duty tasks.

BOSCH: Bosch is a world-renowned power tool brand, and its lithium battery screwdrivers and other tools enjoy a good reputation in the market. Bosch GSB series: such as GSB 120 RE, GSB 18 RE, etc. These models of cordless hand drills and electric screwdrivers are suitable for a variety of work needs, including home decoration, woodworking, etc.

LOMVUM: LOMVUM is a brand originating from Germany. It is developed and tested by the German LOMVUM Group. Its products cover a variety of hardware tools such as electric drills, electric hammers, and electric wrenches. LOMVUM: LOMVUM brand electric drill and screwdriver models are diverse, including household high-power electric drills, lithium battery rechargeable electric drills, etc., which are suitable for different working environments and needs.

In addition, there are electric drill screwdrivers of brands such as Comex, Shibaura, Xiaomi, Deli, Fuge, Makita, Wankebao and Dongcheng on the market. Each brand has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Consumers can choose according to their own needs. Choose the right brand and product for your needs and budget.

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