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What is the working current of Bosch 3.6v electric screwdriver?

  What is the working current of Bosch 3.6v electric screwdriver?

To determine the specific operating current of a BOSCH 3.6V electric screwdriver, several factors usually need to be considered, as different models, workloads, and battery status may affect the operating current.

Models and specifications: Different Bosch electric screwdriver models may have different power requirements and design specifications, which will directly affect their operating current.

Work load: The resistance a screwdriver encounters when tightening or loosening a screw (i.e., the work load) affects its operating current. Greater resistance usually requires greater current to provide sufficient torque.

Battery status: The health of the battery (such as its remaining charge and internal resistance) also affects the operating current of the electric screwdriver. An aging battery may require more current to provide the same power output.

Due to the influence of these factors, it is difficult to give an accurate number as the operating current of the Bosch 3.6V electric screwdriver. However, generally speaking, the operating current of small power tools such as screwdrivers may range from tens to hundreds of milliamperes (mA) under light load. However, this is only a rough estimate and may not apply to all situations.

If you need accurate current data, it is recommended that you check the official technical specifications document of this model of electric screwdriver or contact Bosch customer service for more detailed information.

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