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How much does an electric screwdriver drill cost?

  How much does an electric screwdriver drill cost?

The price of electric screwdriver drilling machines varies depending on many factors such as brand, model, function, power, material, etc. Generally speaking, the price of ordinary electric screwdriver drilling machines ranges from tens to hundreds of dollars, while the price of some high-end brand, high-power, multi-functional electric screwdriver drilling machines may reach thousands of dollars or even higher.

When purchasing an electric screwdriver drilling machine, you need to make a choice based on your actual needs and budget. If it is for home use or some simple maintenance work, you can choose an electric screwdriver drilling machine with moderate price and full functions; if it is for industrial production or professional maintenance, you need to choose an electric screwdriver drilling machine with high power, stable performance and high precision.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to factors such as brand reputation and after-sales service when purchasing to ensure that you purchase a high-quality and reliable electric screwdriver drilling machine.

There are many brands and models to choose from on the electric screwdriver drilling machine market. Here are some well-known brands and their common models:

Bosch (BOSCH):

GSR 12V-30: This 12V electric screwdriver is suitable for home use and DIY projects. It is lightweight and powerful.

PSR Select: Bosch’s high-end series provides a variety of electric screwdrivers and drills with different voltages and functions.


DCD791B: This is a 20V MAX XR series lithium battery brushless motor drilling machine, suitable for various drilling and screw tightening tasks.

DCF680N2: This electric screwdriver is lightweight and compact, suitable for working in small spaces.


XDT13Z: This is a compact 18V lithium battery brushless electric screwdriver suitable for a variety of construction and repair tasks.

XFD01Z: This is an 18V electric drilling machine with efficient performance and durable design.

Mi Home:

Xiaomi electric screwdriver: Mijia provides a series of cost-effective electric screwdrivers, suitable for home use and DIY enthusiasts.


WJZ1601D: This is a cordless hand drill suitable for tasks such as home decoration and carpentry.

Z1Z-FF-200S: This is a vertical drill mixer, suitable for drilling concrete and other materials.


The brand offers a variety of electric screwdrivers and drills with different voltages and functions to suit various needs.


The brand also provides a series of electric screwdrivers and drills, which are loved by users for their high cost performance.

The above are just examples of some common brands and models, there are actually many other brands and models on the market to choose from. Please make your choice based on your needs and budget when purchasing, and check the product’s detailed specifications and user reviews for more information.

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