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How to process auger drill pipe for small ground drilling machine?

  How to process auger drill pipe for small ground drilling machine?

The processing method of auger drill pipe for small ground drilling machines mainly involves multiple steps to ensure the high strength, high precision and long life of the drill pipe. The following is the detailed processing method:

material selection:

Choose high-quality steel suitable for the working conditions of the drill pipe, such as high-strength alloy steel, to ensure the strength and wear resistance of the drill pipe.

Consider the machinability and heat treatment properties of the material to ensure stability during processing and performance of the final product.

Cutting and rough processing:

According to the design size, use a saw or cutting machine to cut the steel.

Rough machining is performed through lathes, milling machines and other equipment to remove excess material and form the basic shape of the drill pipe.

Spiral groove processing:

Use a special spiral groove milling machine or CNC machine tool to process the spiral groove. According to the design requirements, set the appropriate helix angle, groove depth and groove width.

​Through precise CNC programming, the accuracy and consistency of the spiral grooves are ensured.

Heat treatment:

The drill pipe is subjected to heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering to improve its hardness and wear resistance.

Pay attention to controlling the temperature and time during heat treatment to avoid cracks or deformation.


Use high-precision machine tools to finish the drill pipe, including grinding, polishing and other processes to improve the surface quality and accuracy of the drill pipe.

Check the size, shape and accuracy of the spiral groove of the drill pipe to ensure that it meets the design requirements.

Thread processing:

If the drill pipe needs to be connected to other parts, threads need to be processed. Use equipment such as a thread milling machine or thread rolling machine for processing.

Pay attention to controlling the accuracy and fitting clearance of the thread to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection.

Surface treatment:

Carry out anti-rust, anti-corrosion and other surface treatments on the drill pipe to extend its service life.

Surface treatment can be carried out by spraying, electroplating and other methods.

Quality Inspection:

Conduct quality inspection on the processed drill pipe, including dimensional inspection, hardness test, wear resistance test, etc.

Make sure the drill pipe meets the design requirements and usage standards.

Packaging and transportation:

Pack the drill pipe that has passed the inspection to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

Use appropriate packaging materials and methods to ensure the safety of the drill pipe during transportation.

Through the above processing methods, high-quality small ground drilling machine auger drill rods can be produced to meet the needs of various ground drilling operations.

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