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Who is the global power tool TOP1?

  Who is the global power tool TOP1?

Tools are an essential means for mankind to transform the world. With the development of society, electric tools and smart tools have emerged. After nearly a hundred years of evolution, from professional level to DIY level used by ordinary people, electric tools have become indispensable in people’s lives. part. In this process, it is precisely because of the century-old persistence, innovation and new inheritance of some companies that we have today’s rich and colorful power tool product series and our more convenient modern life. Today’s toolmakers are also following the footsteps of their ancestors to create century-old enterprises and century-old brands belonging to our generation.

Every industry has its own leaders, and the power tool industry is no exception. They are always at the forefront of the industry, promoting the development and innovation of tools. This is an honor that not only belongs to them, but also to every tool maker. On the occasion of the International Labor Day, every person who has struggled or struggled in the tool industry deserves our high respect.

  So, who is the TOP1 in the global power tool industry?

I conducted a poll before, which one is TTI or Stanley Black & Decker, which is the top one in the world of power tools? In fact, many people in this poll said that I was “looking for trouble”. My personal opinion is that both have their own merits. Stanley Black & Decker was really messy before, and wanted to do something in every business. In the past two years, it has woken up and started to launch the “Tool Revival Plan”. The effect is quite remarkable, especially the two brand combinations of DEWALT and BLACK+DECKER are still unstoppable. , coupled with the integration and support of CRAFTSMAN in the past two years, Stanley Black & Decker Group’s dominance in the field of power tools is not easily shaken.

Chuangke Industrial is a mythical existence in the global power tool industry. It is a textbook-like history of corporate growth. Its MILWAUKEE and RYOBI brands have an unstoppable trend in the global market. This is due to Chuangke Group’s precise brand positioning and strong product power. So, Chuangke Industrial has the ability to surpass Stanley Black and Decker in the field of power tools. I believe it is only a matter of time before the overall output value exceeds that of Stanley Black & Decker. I’ve finished explaining this, who else would you vote for?

Finally, let’s get back to the topic and take a look at which companies are in the global power tool T0P10. At the same time, the message function of [Jiangnan Electrical Tools Alliance] has been activated. Don’t worry about what we have listed. You can boldly talk about the TOP1 company in your mind. Remember to follow us!

  ​NO.1 🇺🇸American Stanley Black & Decker Group

Operating income: US$15.781 billion


Listing overview: US stock market listing

Stanley Black & Decker is the world’s largest tool and outdoor products company and a leader in industrial solutions, headquartered in the United States, with revenue of approximately $16 billion. With a history of nearly 170 years, Stanley Black & Decker has grown into a world-renowned, highly trustworthy and high-value global enterprise. The company has more than 50,000 diversified and high-performing employees. Stanley Black & Decker’s logo Sex brands include DEWALT, BLACK+DECKER, CRAFTSMAN, STANLEY, Cub Cadet, Hustler and Troy-Bilt.

 NO.2 🇨🇳China Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Industry

Operating income: US$13.731 billion


Listing overview: Hong Kong stock listing

TTI is a fast-growing and world-leading company in power tools, accessories, hand tools, outdoor gardening tools and floor care products. It specializes in providing home decoration, repair and maintenance for DIYers, professionals and industrial users. , construction industry and infrastructure industry products. TTI is committed to accelerating the change of the industry through environmentally friendly advanced rechargeable technology. TTI’s brands include MILWAUKEE, RYOBI and HOOVER. Their products have a long history and are rich in characteristics. The rechargeable product platform is of high quality, excellent performance, safety and productivity. It is brave in innovation and is widely recognized around the world. TTI was established in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1990. It is now included as one of the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index. TTI has a strong product portfolio, manufacturing and product development footprints around the world, and a solid financial position. Total global sales in 2023 reached a record-breaking US$13.731 billion, and the number of employees exceeds 47,000.

  N0.3 🇱🇮 Hilti Liechtenstein

Operating income: approximately US$7.115 billion

Main brand: HILTI

Listing overview: Not listed yet

The Hilti Group provides technology-leading products, systems, software and services to the global construction and energy industries. With approximately 34,111 team members in more than 120 countries, the company stands for direct customer relationships, quality and innovation. Hilti’s annual sales in 2023 will exceed 6.5 billion Swiss francs. The headquarters of the Hilti Group has been located in Schaan, Liechtenstein since its founding in 1941. The company is privately owned by the Martin Hilti Family Trust, ensuring its long-term continuity. The Hilti Group’s strategic positioning is based on a caring and performance-oriented culture, as well as the goal of creating passionate customers and building a better future.

  N0.4 🇩🇪Germany STIHL Group

Operating income: approximately US$5.9 billion

Main brand: STIHL

Listing overview: Not listed yet

The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and sells motor-driven equipment for forestry and agriculture as well as landscape conservation, the construction industry and private garden owners. The range is complemented by digital solutions and services. In 1926, Andre Steele invented the world’s first chain saw in Cannstatt, Stuttgart, Germany, and began producing chain saw products. Andre Steele brought revolution to the forestry industry. Changes have also changed the way forestry workers work, greatly improving work efficiency. Known as the “Father of the Chain Saw” by the world. Today, STIHL has 42 of its own sales and marketing companies, approximately 120 importers and more than 55,000 specialized dealers in more than 160 countries. STIHL produces in seven countries around the world: Germany, the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, China and the Philippines. Since 1971, STIHL has been the world’s best-selling chainsaw brand. In 2022, STIHL Group’s revenue was 5.495 billion euros and the number of employees reached 20,552.

  N0.5 🇩🇪Germany Bosch Group

Operating income: approximately US$5.5 billion

Main brand: BOSCH

Listing overview: Not listed yet

Bosch Power Tools is the world’s leading manufacturer of power tools and accessories, able to provide professional and efficient solutions for different operating needs. With outstanding performance and innovative technology, it can ensure the safety of construction personnel while achieving work tasks. Products currently sold in China mainly include four categories: handheld power tools, desktop power tools, measuring tools and power tool accessories.

  N0.6 🇯🇵 Japan Makita Co., Ltd.

Operating income: approximately US$5.42 billion

Main brand: Makita

Listing overview: Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan, NASDAQ of the United States

Makita Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers specializing in the production of professional power tools. It is headquartered in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It was founded in 1915 and has been listed on the Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan, and NASDAQ stock markets in the United States, with a registered capital of 242. billion yen, and the entire group has more than 9,000 employees. The main business includes the manufacturing and sales of power tools, woodworking machinery, pneumatic tools, household and garden machines, etc. Makita has production bases in Japan, China, and Vietnam, and overseas manufacturing accounts for 80% of the entire group.

  N0.7 🇸🇪Swedish Husqvarna Group

Operating income: approximately US$4.978 billion

Main brands: Husqvarna, Gardena

Listing overview: Listed in Stockholm

Founded in 1689, Husqvarna Group has grown to become a global leader in the manufacture of innovative products and solutions for managing forests, parks and gardens. Husqvarna’s diverse product range includes robotic lawn mowers, chain saws, trimmers, ride-on lawn mowers and watering solutions. The Husqvarna Group is also a leader in equipment and diamond tools for the construction industry and diamond tools for the natural stone industry. Operating primarily under global brands such as Husqvarna and Gardena, Husqvarna’s products and solutions reach consumers and professional users through direct sales, distributors and retailers in more than 100 countries. Net sales in 2023 were SEK 53.3 billion and the Group has approximately 13,800 employees in 40 countries.

  NO.8 🇺🇸American Toro Company

Operating income: $4.55 billion

Main brand: TORO

Listing overview: Listed in the United States

Founded in 1914, TORO is a global supplier of innovative lawn equipment, garden equipment, rental and construction equipment, sprinkler equipment and outdoor lighting solutions, mainly for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial Construction and residential and agricultural land provide excellent customer service and have distributors in 125 countries or regions around the world. Its main brands include Ditch Witch, Exmark, BOSS, American Augers, Ventrac, Subsite Electronics, HammerHead, Trencor, etc. In 2023, TORO’s operating income will be US$4.55 billion.

  NO.9 🇯🇵 Nippon Industrial Machinery Holdings Co., Ltd.

Operating income: approximately US$2.7 billion

Main brands: HiKOKI, Metabo

Listing overview: Delisted

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japanese brand specializing in power tool manufacturing. Formerly known as Hitachi Koki, it specializes in the production and sales of more than 1,300 types of power tool products and owns more than 2,500 technology patents. In 2015, Hitachi Industrial Machinery acquired Metabo, a well-known German power tool brand. In 2017, Hitachi Koki completed the privatization adjustment and delisted from the Topix due to the financing acquisition by the American fund company KKR, and changed its name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. in June 2018. Its product brands include HiKOKI, MetaboHPT, SANKYO, CARAT, Hit-Min and other well-known brands. In 2017, Hitachi Industrial Machinery’s operating income was 191.161 billion yen (approximately US$1.3 billion). In 2020, Gongji Holdings proposed a sales strategic target of US$2.7 billion. As of 2023, Industrial Machinery Holdings has 6,860 employees and has manufacturing bases in Japan, China and other places.

  N0.10 🇨🇳China Quanfeng Holdings

Operating income: US$1.375 billion

Main brand: EGO

Listing overview: Hong Kong stock listing

Quanfeng Holdings is China’s largest global supplier of power tools and outdoor power equipment (OPE). Especially innovative in the field of lithium battery technology, it was one of the first companies in the world to commercialize lithium-ion battery power tools in 2006 and launch high-voltage OPE products in 2014. This has enabled Quanfeng Holdings to grow rapidly and occupy a leading position in the global market. Quanfeng Holdings’ global R&D team is located in R&D centers in five countries: China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands. Quanfeng Holdings currently has five differentiated and widely recognized brands: EGO, FLEX, SKIL, Dayou and Xiaoqiang, covering major regions and market segments. In 2023, Quanfeng Holdings had a turnover of US$1.375 billion and approximately 8,400 employees.

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