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Common motor types used in power tools

  Common motor types used in power tools

Commonly used motors in power tools include DC motors, AC motors and brushless motors.

1. DC motor

DC motor is one of the earliest motors used in power tools. Its advantages are large starting torque and adjustable speed, but its disadvantage is that it is easily affected by brush wear and has a relatively short service life.

2. AC motor

Compared with DC motors, AC motors have poorer starting performance, but are more reliable at high speeds and have a long service life. AC motors can achieve speed adjustment through transformers, but they are relatively more complicated.

3. Brushless motor

Brushless motors are one of the most widely used motors in power tools. Compared with traditional DC motors, they reduce the impact of brush wear on performance. At the same time, because the brushless motor uses electronic methods to adjust the speed, it has the advantages of high-speed adjustment performance and high efficiency.

4. Summary

When choosing a power tool, you need to consider which type of motor to choose based on your specific needs and budget. If large starting force and low-speed performance are required, a DC motor may be a better choice; if durability and high-speed performance are required, an AC motor or a brushless motor is a better choice.


This article explains the types of motors commonly used in power tools. For different usage needs and budget, you can choose the motor type that suits you.

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