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What are the OEM/ODM 1/2″ Power Wrenches in 2024?

In 2024, the market for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) 1/2″ power wrenches is thriving, with numerous brands and models catering to both professional and consumer needs. These power wrenches, essential tools for automotive, construction, and industrial applications, are known for their power, durability, and versatility. Here, we’ll explore the top brands and models available in 2024.

1. Makita

Model: XWT08Z LXT

Makita has long been a trusted name in power tools, and the XWT08Z LXT 1/2″ power wrench is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. This model features a brushless motor that delivers up to 740 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1,180 ft-lbs of breakaway torque. The three-speed power selection switch offers precise fastening control, making it suitable for various applications.

2. DeWalt

Model: DCF899HB

DeWalt’s DCF899HB is a high-performance 1/2″ power wrench that has gained popularity for its power and reliability. This tool provides up to 700 ft-lbs of maximum torque and 1,200 ft-lbs of breakaway torque. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with a brushless motor, ensures efficiency and durability. The three-speed selector switch provides control for a wide range of applications.

3. Milwaukee

Model: 2767-20 M18 Fuel

Milwaukee’s 2767-20 M18 Fuel 1/2″ power wrench is a top choice for professionals due to its unparalleled torque and speed. Delivering up to 1,000 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1,400 ft-lbs of breakaway torque, this model is engineered for heavy-duty use. The REDLINK PLUS intelligence ensures optimal performance and overload protection, while the four-mode drive control offers versatility.

4. Bosch

Model: GDS18V-740N

Bosch’s GDS18V-740N 1/2″ power wrench stands out for its combination of power and ergonomic design. It offers up to 740 Nm of torque and features a brushless motor for extended runtime and durability. The tool’s Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) and Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) safeguard the battery and motor against overload, overheating, and deep discharge.

5. Ingersoll Rand

Model: W7152

Ingersoll Rand’s W7152 is a robust 1/2″ power wrench known for its high torque output and compact design. It delivers up to 1,500 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and 1,000 ft-lbs of max torque. The IQV Power Control System includes four modes: Full Power, Mid Power, Wrench Tight, and Hand Tight, offering users precise control over their work.

6. Ryobi

Model: P261

The Ryobi P261 is a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and light-duty professionals. It provides up to 300 ft-lbs of torque, making it suitable for a variety of tasks. The tool features a three-speed selector switch and a Tri-Beam LED light to eliminate shadows and increase visibility in dimly lit areas.

7. Craftsman

Model: CMCF900M1

Craftsman’s CMCF900M1 is designed for reliability and performance. It offers up to 350 ft-lbs of torque and features a brushless motor for enhanced durability and runtime. The variable speed trigger allows for precision control, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use.

8. Kobalt

Model: KIW 1524A-03

Kobalt’s KIW 1524A-03 is a formidable 1/2″ power wrench that delivers up to 650 ft-lbs of torque. Its brushless motor provides longer life and better efficiency. The tool features a four-speed setting and a built-in LED light for improved visibility.

9. Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi)

Model: WR36DA

The WR36DA from Metabo HPT is a high-performance 1/2″ power wrench that offers up to 775 ft-lbs of tightening torque and 1,219 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque. This model features a brushless motor for increased efficiency and longevity, as well as a reactive force control system to reduce user fatigue.

10. Hilti

Model: SIW 22T-A 1/2″

Hilti’s SIW 22T-A is a premium 1/2″ power wrench known for its precision and durability. It provides up to 450 Nm of torque and features a robust build designed for tough jobsite conditions. The advanced electronics in this tool ensure consistent performance and protection against overload.

Key Features and Technologies

  1. Brushless Motors: Many of the latest models feature brushless motors, which provide several advantages, including higher efficiency, increased torque, longer runtime, and reduced maintenance compared to brushed motors.
  2. Torque Control: Advanced torque control systems, including multi-speed settings and variable speed triggers, allow users to adjust the torque output to match the specific requirements of their tasks, ensuring precision and preventing over-tightening.
  3. Ergonomic Design: Modern 1/2″ power wrenches are designed with user comfort in mind. Ergonomic handles, lightweight designs, and anti-vibration features help reduce fatigue during prolonged use.
  4. LED Lighting: Integrated LED lights are a common feature, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and ensuring accurate work.
  5. Battery Technology: Lithium-ion batteries continue to evolve, offering longer runtimes, shorter charging times, and higher power outputs. Many tools also feature battery protection systems to prevent overcharging, overheating, and deep discharge.
  6. Connectivity: Some high-end models come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect the tool to a smartphone app for monitoring tool performance, tracking usage, and receiving maintenance alerts.


1/2″ power wrenches are versatile tools used in a variety of applications:

  • Automotive Repair: These tools are essential for removing and tightening lug nuts, bolts, and other fasteners in automotive maintenance and repair.
  • Construction: Power wrenches are used to assemble scaffolding, steel structures, and other construction components.
  • Industrial Maintenance: In industrial settings, power wrenches are used for machinery maintenance, assembly, and repair.
  • Home Improvement: DIY enthusiasts use these tools for tasks like building decks, installing fixtures, and general home maintenance.


The market for 1/2″ power wrenches in 2024 is rich with options, each offering unique features to cater to different needs and preferences. From the high torque and advanced control of Milwaukee’s 2767-20 M18 Fuel to the ergonomic and user-friendly design of Ryobi’s P261, there is a model for every user, whether a professional mechanic, construction worker, or DIY enthusiast. The continuous advancements in battery technology, motor efficiency, and tool connectivity ensure that these power wrenches will remain indispensable tools for years to come.

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