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bosch power tools neuheiten 2024?

Bosch is set to make significant strides in the power tools market in 2024 with a series of innovative releases aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. Here are some key highlights and new models you can expect from Bosch Power Tools this year.

Major Announcements for 2024

Bosch Power Tools is launching over 30 new cordless products in 2024, reflecting the company’s commitment to cordless technology and jobsite efficiency. This extensive release will include tools across various categories, ensuring that professionals have access to the latest in power tool technology​ (Bosch Tools Press)​​ (Bosch Media Service)​.

Notable New Products

1. ProCore18V+ Battery System

One of the standout innovations is the ProCore18V+ battery system. This system features tabless cell technology, which significantly reduces internal resistance and increases efficiency. The new design allows for longer runtimes and better performance under demanding conditions. The ProCore18V+ battery is particularly suitable for high-performance tools and will be available with an 8.0 Ah capacity, providing up to 71% longer runtimes compared to conventional batteries​ (Bosch Media Service)​.

2. 18V Drill/Driver with 5-In-1 Flexiclick® System

This versatile drill/driver is designed for flexibility and power. It offers a 5-in-1 system with 565 in.-lbs. of max torque, making it ideal for various applications. The tool is equipped with the CORE18V® 4 Ah Advanced Power Battery, enhancing its efficiency and runtime​ (House Digest)​.

3. 12V Brushless Max ¼” Right Angle Die Grinder

This compact and powerful tool is designed for precision work in tight spaces. Its brushless motor ensures longevity and efficiency, making it a valuable addition to any professional’s toolkit​ (House Digest)​.

4. 18V ½” Brushless Connected-Ready Drill/Driver

Featuring a built-in light and kickback control, this drill/driver enhances safety and usability. It is part of Bosch’s connected-ready tools, which integrate with Bosch’s connectivity system for enhanced control and data management​ (House Digest)​.

5. Battery-Powered Work Lights and Cameras

Bosch is also expanding its range of jobsite accessories with new battery-powered work lights and thermal cameras. These tools are designed to improve visibility and accuracy in various working conditions. The 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera, for instance, offers high resolution and the ability to record voice notes, while the handheld inspection cameras come with rubber housing for added durability​ (House Digest)​.

Impact on the Industry

Bosch’s 2024 lineup underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of professionals. By focusing on cordless technology, Bosch is addressing the increasing demand for more flexible and efficient tools. This shift not only aligns with industry trends but also positions Bosch as a leader in the power tools market.

The introduction of new battery technologies like the ProCore18V+ demonstrates Bosch’s commitment to providing tools that offer both high performance and long-lasting power. These innovations are expected to improve productivity on jobsites, reduce downtime, and enhance overall job performance.


Bosch’s new releases in 2024 are set to make a significant impact on the power tools industry. With over 30 new cordless products, including advanced battery systems and versatile tools, Bosch continues to lead in innovation and user-centric design. These developments not only meet the current demands of professionals but also pave the way for future advancements in power tool technology.

For more details on Bosch’s latest power tools and to keep up with their releases throughout the year, you can visit their official press room and product pages​ (Bosch Tools Press)​​ (Bosch Media Service)​​ (House Digest)​.

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