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How much is a set of Bosch imported power tools 7 inches?

When considering the purchase of a Bosch 7-inch power tool set, it’s important to look at the specific models and their features, as well as their prices. Bosch is known for producing high-quality, durable power tools suitable for both professional and home use.

Key Models in Bosch 7-Inch Power Tool Sets

1. Bosch 15 Amp Corded 7-Inch Large Angle Grinder with Rat Tail (1772-6)

  • Description: This grinder is designed for heavy-duty tasks, featuring a powerful 15-amp motor. It’s ideal for cutting, grinding, and surface preparation.
  • Features: Includes a rat tail handle for better control and ergonomics, a spindle lock for easy wheel changes, and vibration control for user comfort.
  • Price: Approximately $179​ (The Home Depot)​.

2. Bosch GWS13-60PD 6-Inch Angle Grinder

  • Description: While not exactly 7 inches, this 6-inch grinder is notable for its power and versatility. It comes with a paddle switch and deadman function for enhanced safety.
  • Features: Equipped with a 13-amp motor, direct motor cooling, and a Service Minderbrush system that stops the tool when preventive maintenance is required.
  • Price: Around $150​ (Bosch Power Tools | Boschtools)​.

3. Bosch GWX18V-50PC 18V X-LOCK Angle Grinder

  • Description: A cordless option from Bosch’s 18V range, featuring the innovative X-LOCK system that allows for quick and tool-free wheel changes.
  • Features: Includes a powerful motor, ergonomic design, and is part of the PROFACTOR system which offers enhanced power and runtime.
  • Price: Approximately $220 for the tool only; battery and charger are sold separately​ (Bosch Power Tools | Boschtools)​.

Bosch 7-Inch Power Tool Set Pricing

Prices for Bosch power tool sets can vary based on the included tools, the retailer, and any ongoing promotions. Here are a few examples of comprehensive Bosch tool sets that might include a 7-inch grinder as part of the package:

1. Bosch 18V Combo Kit

  • Components: This set typically includes a drill/driver, impact driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and sometimes an angle grinder.
  • Price: Around $500 – $700 depending on the specific tools included and the retailer​ (Bosch Power Tools | Boschtools)​​ (Acme Tools)​.

2. Bosch PROFACTOR Combo Kit

  • Components: Includes high-performance tools such as a hammer drill, impact driver, circular saw, and angle grinder, designed for demanding tasks.
  • Price: Typically higher, ranging from $800 to $1000, reflecting the advanced technology and power of the PROFACTOR line​ (Bosch Power Tools | Boschtools)​.

Buying Considerations

When purchasing a Bosch power tool set, consider the following factors:

  1. Intended Use: Professional vs. DIY – Professional tools may offer more power and durability, but at a higher cost.
  2. Power Source: Corded vs. Cordless – Corded tools offer continuous power, while cordless tools provide portability and convenience.
  3. Included Accessories: Check for additional accessories like extra batteries, chargers, and carrying cases.
  4. Warranty and Service: Bosch tools come with robust warranties and support services which can add value to your purchase.


Bosch offers a range of high-quality 7-inch power tools and comprehensive sets that cater to various needs and budgets. By selecting the right set, users can benefit from the performance, durability, and reliability that Bosch tools are known for. Whether you need a single 7-inch grinder or a complete set of power tools, Bosch’s products provide excellent options for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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