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What are the bosch power tools uk?

Bosch Power Tools UK: Brand Overview and Key Models


Bosch, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, is a global leader in the power tools industry. Established in 1886 by Robert Bosch, the company has grown into a household name, offering a wide range of products for both professional and DIY users. Bosch’s power tools are renowned for their durability, precision, and cutting-edge technology. This article provides an in-depth look at Bosch power tools available in the UK, focusing on the brand’s history, innovation, and a detailed overview of popular models across various categories.

History and Innovation

Bosch has a long-standing reputation for innovation and quality. Over the years, the company has introduced numerous technological advancements that have revolutionized the power tools industry. Bosch’s commitment to research and development is evident in its continuous introduction of new features and improvements to its product line. From the invention of the first hammer drill in 1932 to the development of lithium-ion battery technology, Bosch has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with power tools.

Categories of Bosch Power Tools

Bosch offers a wide range of power tools designed for different applications. These tools can be broadly categorized into the following:

  1. Cordless Power Tools
  2. Corded Power Tools
  3. Measuring Tools
  4. Accessories

1. Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools have become increasingly popular due to their portability and convenience. Bosch’s range of cordless tools is extensive, covering various applications from drilling and screwing to cutting and grinding.

Popular Models

  1. Bosch GSB 18V-55 Professional
    • Description: This cordless combi drill is part of Bosch’s Professional range, known for its robust performance and durability.
    • Features: It offers a powerful 18V motor, 55Nm of torque, and a brushless motor for longer life and higher efficiency.
    • Applications: Ideal for drilling and screwdriving in wood, metal, and masonry.
  2. Bosch GDX 18V-200 C Professional
    • Description: A versatile impact driver and wrench in one tool, this model is designed for heavy-duty applications.
    • Features: It features a brushless motor, 200Nm of torque, and Bluetooth connectivity for tool customization via a smartphone app.
    • Applications: Suitable for tightening and loosening screws and bolts, particularly in automotive and construction industries.
  3. Bosch GKS 18V-57 G Professional
    • Description: A powerful cordless circular saw designed for fast and precise cutting.
    • Features: It offers an 18V motor, cutting depths of up to 57mm, and compatibility with Bosch’s guide rail system.
    • Applications: Perfect for cutting wood, plywood, and similar materials.

2. Corded Power Tools

Corded power tools are known for their continuous power supply, making them ideal for prolonged use and heavy-duty tasks. Bosch’s corded tools are designed to deliver consistent performance and are built to last.

Popular Models

  1. Bosch GBH 2-28 F Professional
    • Description: A robust and versatile rotary hammer drill with exceptional drilling and chiseling capabilities.
    • Features: It offers 850W of power, 3.2 joules of impact energy, and KickBack Control for enhanced safety.
    • Applications: Suitable for drilling in concrete, masonry, wood, and metal, as well as light chiseling tasks.
  2. Bosch GKS 190 Professional
    • Description: One of the most powerful corded circular saws in its class, designed for high-performance cutting.
    • Features: It boasts a 1400W motor, cutting depths of up to 70mm, and a compact design for easy handling.
    • Applications: Ideal for cutting wood, plywood, and other materials in various construction tasks.
  3. Bosch GWS 750-115 Professional
    • Description: A compact and powerful angle grinder suitable for a variety of cutting and grinding applications.
    • Features: It features a 750W motor, 115mm disc diameter, and optimized cooling system for longer tool life.
    • Applications: Perfect for cutting metal, tiles, and concrete, as well as grinding and polishing surfaces.

3. Measuring Tools

Bosch’s range of measuring tools is designed to offer precision and reliability, making them essential for any construction or renovation project. These tools include laser measures, spirit levels, and range finders.

Popular Models

  1. Bosch GLM 50 C Professional
    • Description: A versatile and user-friendly laser measure with Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Features: It offers a measuring range of up to 50 meters, accuracy of ±1.5mm, and multiple measuring modes including length, area, and volume.
    • Applications: Ideal for accurate measurements in construction, interior design, and renovation projects.
  2. Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Professional
    • Description: A high-performance cross line laser level with three 360-degree planes.
    • Features: It features green laser technology for better visibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and an IP54 rating for dust and splash protection.
    • Applications: Suitable for leveling, aligning, and squaring tasks in various construction and installation projects.
  3. Bosch DLE 40 Professional
    • Description: A compact and easy-to-use laser range finder designed for quick and accurate distance measurements.
    • Features: It offers a measuring range of up to 40 meters, accuracy of ±1.5mm, and continuous measurement mode.
    • Applications: Perfect for measuring distances, calculating areas, and determining volumes in interior and exterior spaces.

4. Accessories

Bosch also offers a wide range of accessories to complement its power tools. These include drill bits, saw blades, sanding pads, and more, designed to enhance the performance and versatility of Bosch power tools.

Popular Accessories

  1. Bosch Multi-Construction Drill Bit Set
    • Description: A versatile set of drill bits suitable for drilling in multiple materials.
    • Features: It includes various sizes of bits designed for use in wood, metal, masonry, and plastic.
    • Applications: Ideal for versatile drilling tasks in construction, renovation, and DIY projects.
  2. Bosch Expert for Wood Circular Saw Blade
    • Description: A high-performance saw blade designed for precise and clean cuts in wood.
    • Features: It offers carbide teeth for long life, anti-vibration slots for smooth cutting, and compatibility with various circular saw models.
    • Applications: Perfect for cutting hardwood, softwood, and plywood in carpentry and woodworking projects.
  3. Bosch SDS-plus Chisels Set
    • Description: A set of high-quality chisels designed for use with SDS-plus rotary hammer drills.
    • Features: It includes pointed, flat, and spade chisels made from hardened steel for durability and efficiency.
    • Applications: Suitable for chiseling and demolition tasks in concrete, masonry, and stone.


Bosch’s power tools are a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, Bosch offers a comprehensive range of tools and accessories to meet your needs. The models highlighted in this article represent just a fraction of Bosch’s extensive product line, showcasing the brand’s versatility and reliability in the power tools market. With continuous advancements in technology and a focus on user-friendly design, Bosch remains a leading choice for power tools in the UK and beyond.

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