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What is the difference between a cordless drill and a corded drill?

What is the difference between a cordless drill and a corded drill?

Cordless drills and corded drills differ in several ways:

Power supply method: The cordless electric drill is powered by lithium batteries. Only one lithium battery of about 18~22v can support the operation of the entire machine. The corded electric drill uses 220v alternating current for power supply by connecting to the socket.

How it works: As long as the cordless drill is fully charged, it can be used wherever needed and is equally efficient. A corded electric drill can work continuously, but the power cord has greater limitations. If there is no socket around or the cord is not long enough, it cannot be used anytime and anywhere.

Performance and power: Corded drills are more powerful, generally between 700w and 3000w, and can withstand greater loads. The speed of the motor ranges from 400 to 3000 RPM and is controlled by pressure on the trigger switch. The power of a cordless drill is determined by its voltage, which is usually between 7.2V and 36V, and aH (amps per hour), which is usually between 1.2aH and 3aH. Additionally, cordless drills offer greater flexibility in speed and torque control settings, with a speed selector allowing users to adjust RPM, depending on the model.

Convenience and safety: Cordless electric drills get rid of the shackles of power cords, have higher maneuverability, and are more convenient to use. The corded electric drill is not portable enough because it needs to be connected to a power cord. At the same time, the cord may become a stumbling block during work, making it less safe.

Applicable scenarios: The corded electric drill is more suitable for skilled woodworking enthusiasts because of its strong power and relatively lightweight body. Cordless electric drills are more suitable for novice woodworking DIYers because they are easy to use and more secure.

In summary, cordless electric drills and corded electric drills each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which electric drill to choose depends on the specific use needs and scenarios.

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