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What features does a corded impact drill have?

What features does a corded impact drill have?
The wireline impact drilling tool is a new type of drilling tool that combines a wireline coring and a hydraulic impactor. It can realize impact rotary drilling. This drill has the following main features:

Improve drilling efficiency: Rope impact drilling tools are particularly suitable for hard formations and hard, brittle and broken formations, and can effectively improve drilling efficiency in these formations.
Reduce core clogging: During the drilling process, this drilling tool can effectively reduce core clogging and ensure smooth drilling.

Increase the depth of return footage: By using rope impact drilling tools, the depth of return footage can be increased, which means that longer cores can be obtained during each drilling, improving drilling efficiency.
Extended drill bit life: The design and use of wireline impact drills help extend drill bit life, reduce the frequency of drill bit replacements, and reduce downtime and costs.
Increase the drilling interval: Due to reducing core clogging and improving drilling efficiency, the use of wireline impact drilling tools can increase the drilling interval, reduce the number of drilling operations, and improve drilling efficiency.
Reduce drilling control costs: By improving drilling efficiency, reducing downtime and reducing the frequency of drill bit replacements, wireline impact drills help reduce overall drilling control costs.
In general, the wireline impact drilling tool is an efficient and reliable drilling tool, especially suitable for drilling operations in complex formations.

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