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How does a small cordless drill work?

  How does a small cordless drill work?

The working principle of a small cordless electric drill is mainly based on the drive of an electric motor. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

Electrical energy conversion: The built-in battery pack of the cordless electric drill provides it with electrical energy. When the electric drill is started, the power provided by the battery pack first enters the electric motor.

Rotating magnetic field: Inside the motor, electrical energy is converted into a rotating magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by an armature (usually a coil) and a fixed magnet. When current passes through the armature, it experiences a force in the magnetic field and begins to rotate.

Gear transmission: The rotational motion of the motor is transmitted to the drill bit through the gear transmission mechanism. This transmission mechanism can convert the high-speed and low-torque output of the electric motor into low-speed and high-torque rotational torque to adapt to different drilling needs.

Drilling operation: Driven by the transmission mechanism, the drill bit begins to rotate and exert pressure on the object to be drilled. The rotation of the drill bit and the applied pressure work together to allow the drill bit to penetrate an object and create a hole.

Cordless drills offer greater portability and flexibility than traditional corded drills because they do not require a cord to connect to an electrical outlet. This allows cordless electric drills to be widely used in various scenarios and environments, such as home repair, building construction, car repair, etc.

It should be noted that when using a cordless electric drill, you need to ensure that the battery pack is fully charged and select the appropriate drill bit and speed as needed. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to safe use to avoid accidents.

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