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How to use a small electric drill

  How to use a small electric drill

How to use a small electric drill mainly includes the following steps:

Plug in and turn on: First, plug the power plug into the power socket and make sure the power is turned on. Then, turn on the electric drill switch, and the electric drill should make a sound to indicate that the power is on.

Assemble the drill bit:

Select the appropriate drill bit and insert the end of the drill bit into the drill until secure. Be sure to turn off the power during assembly and never use loose drill bits to avoid accidents.

If necessary, you can adjust the tightness of the drill clamp of the electric drill and tighten it gently. Do not tighten it forcibly, otherwise it will be damaged.

Adjust the speed: The electric drill head usually has a rotatable speed dial to adjust the speed as needed. Rotate the speed dial to the required speed to make the electric drill work at the required speed. Note that different materials and diameters require different rotation speeds. The rotation speed for large diameters should be slower, and the rotation speed for small diameters should be faster.

Start drilling:

Hold the drill handle and align the drill bit where you want to drill.

Press down gently on the drill to start working. You can first rotate at a slow speed for a period of time, and then switch to the normal speed. This can avoid severe damage to the workpiece and avoid rebound caused by too fast speed.


When using an electric drill, hold the handle in front of the drill with one hand to stabilize the vibration of the drill during use.

When not using an electric drill or replacing drill bits, turn off the power before putting it down.

When applying pressure to the drill bit, the force should be moderate. Excessive force may break the drill bit or reduce the operating speed of the drill bit. Too little force may cause wear and tear.

Do not wear loose clothes when using an electric drill. Wear a tie, scarf, gloves, and tie up long hair to ensure safe operation.

The above are the basic steps and precautions for using a small electric drill for your reference. If necessary, it is recommended that you consult the instruction manual of the electric drill or consult a professional.

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