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Why is the small ground drilling machine not turning?

  Why is the small ground drilling machine not turning?

There may be many reasons why a small ground drill does not rotate. Here are some possible factors and corresponding solutions:

Power supply problem:

Check whether the power plug is plugged in tightly and whether it is broken or burned out.

Make sure the power switch is on and check that there is sufficient power supply.

Motor failure:

Check whether the motor has abnormal noise, heat or burnout. If so, the motor may need to be replaced or repaired.

Pay attention to whether the motor stops working due to overload. If the overload is caused by too long continuous working time or too thick punching material, the motor should be allowed to cool before trying to use it.

Transmission system issues:

Check whether the transmission system is loose, such as reducer wear, etc.

Make sure that the motor, reducer, coupling and drilling head are all working properly.

Faulty sensor:

Modern drilling machines are usually equipped with various sensors to monitor and control the operating status of the machine. If the sensor is damaged or malfunctions, the machine may not function properly. The sensor needs to be checked for proper operation.

circuit failure:

Circuit faults usually require professional troubleshooting and repair. If you suspect a circuit problem, please contact maintenance personnel for repair.

Mechanical issues:

Check the mechanical parts of the punching machine, such as whether the paper jamming mechanism is unobstructed and whether the pinhole is stuck, etc. Make sure these parts are working properly.

Please note that during the maintenance process, do not disassemble the drilling machine at will to avoid secondary damage. If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it is recommended to seek help from a professional maintenance organization.

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