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Top 10 Power Tool Brands Ranking

  Top 10 Power Tool Brands Ranking

1. BOSCH, this name is familiar to everyone. The Chinese name Bosch is world-famous. Power tools are just one type of its products. I have bought its electric drills and drill bits.

2. MAKITA, a Japanese power tool manufacturer, its Chinese name is Makita, is also world-famous. Woodworking enthusiasts are proud to own this tool, and it has a high rate of appearance on video websites.

3. DEWALT, this is an American brand, the Chinese name is Dewei. It is famous for its heavy weight. It produces power tools and is one of the favorites of DIY enthusiasts. Two of my friends bought table saws from it.

4. BLACK&DECKER is also an American brand, with the Chinese name Baide. I have never used this one, but when it comes to another brand, everyone is more familiar with it, and that is Stanley, the brand used in the Chinese market. Its combination of tools is great.

5. HIKOKI, formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools, is now called Gao Yi Gongji. Although it is rarely seen, it is also very famous in the industry. The corded drill I bought has good concentricity.

6. METABO, the Chinese name is Mai Taibao, which has never been used. Woodworking enthusiasts recommend its miter saw, which is reasonably priced.

7. HILTI, the Chinese name is Hilti. I have never used this one. This is the first time I heard about it. I couldn’t find it in JD.com’s self-operated store, but there are agents. The best selling one is the electric hammer.

8. Dongcheng, a well-known brand in China, is the brand that many of my friends and I, as DIY enthusiasts, buy the most. It is widely used in construction sites and decorations. It has four words: “cheap and good quality”. The magnetic drill bought by a friend has made great contributions when doing CNC. The first choice for cost-effectiveness and durability.

9. Worx, whose English name is Worx, is a famous brand in China. Its products are better-looking than Dongcheng’s, and the quality is also good. They are exported in large quantities. Strong innovation ability. Bought its dual purpose saw.

10. Dayou, whose English name is DEVON, is also a well-known brand. It is made in China and its quality can be compared with foreign brands. I have bought two 12v electric hand drills from it.

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