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How to choose power tools?

  How to choose power tools?

(1) First of all, according to your own needs, the difference is whether it is for home use or professional use. Usually, the difference between professional power tools and general household power tools is mainly in power. Professional power tools are more powerful, and general household power tools are more powerful. The power of the tool is small, the input power is also small, and the highly integrated power tools are more convenient to use than the products with large size and single function. Therefore, try to choose power tools that are rich in functions, small in size, simple in structure, and easy to store. When buying power tools, you need to buy power tools with clear outer packaging and no damage. The power tools you buy have normal appearance, complete plastic parts, and no There are obvious shadows and dents, no scratches or bumps, the relevant paint is smooth and beautiful without defects, there is no oil or stain on the surface of the whole machine, the handle of the switch is flat, the length of the wire and cable is generally not less than 2M, the relevant signs of the power tool are clear and complete , parameters, manufacturers, certificates, etc. are all available. Hold the tool, turn on the power, operate the switch frequently to start the tool frequently, and observe whether the on-off function of the tool switch is reliable and whether it affects the TV/fluorescent lights on site, so as to Determine whether the tool is equipped with an anti-interference suppressor. Power the power tool and run it for 1 minute. Feel the vibration and observe whether the commutation spark, air inlet, etc. are normal.

(2) Choose power tools whose noise is within the allowable range.

(3) Choose power tools that are easy to repair and have accessories that are easy to obtain.

(4) When choosing power tools, pay attention to the power supply voltage used. Generally, handheld power tools need to be provided with 22V mains power as energy drive. Do not connect to 380V industrial power, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

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