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How electric wool shears work

  How electric wool shears work

The working principle of an electric wool shear is basically similar to that of a traditional manual wool shear, except that it uses an electric motor for the drive. The following is the working principle of a general electric wool shear:

Electric motor drives the cutter head: The electric wool shear has a built-in electric motor. When started, the electric motor will generate rotational force, and this force will be transmitted to the cutter head of the shear.

Cutter head movement: The cutter head is usually composed of two pieces of steel, which move with each other through the rotation of an electric motor. One is stationary and the other moves back and forth driven by a motor.

Shearing wool: The wool is placed between two blades. When the electric motor is started, the moving blade will move forward to clamp the wool between the blades to complete the shearing.

Safety design: Most electric wool shears will be designed with safety protection devices to prevent accidental injury. These devices may include triggers, limits, or blade stopping features to ensure that the movement of the blade is stopped in the event of improper use or obstruction.

In general, electric wool shears are driven by an electric motor to move the cutter head, thereby shearing wool, which is faster and more efficient than traditional manual operation.

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