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Cordless impact wrench strap installation method?

  Cordless impact wrench strap installation method?

1. Why do you need to install a strap?

As a high-strength tool, the impact wrench is prone to recoil during work. If the strength of the wrench cannot be controlled well, it can easily endanger the safety of workers. Therefore, installing a strap can help workers better control the strength of the wrench and ensure safe and efficient work.



2. How to install the strap

1. Locate the strap mounting hole on the impact wrench. It is usually located at the bottom of the wrench and is slightly raised.

2. Buckle the hook of the strap into the mounting hole.

3. Adjust the length of the strap so that the impact wrench can be easily hung on the shoulder without being too loose or too tight.

4. Confirm whether the strap is firm and whether there is any loose position, especially the position of the hook.

5. When using an impact wrench, carry the wrench on your shoulder to ensure that your hands can be used freely while controlling the strength of the wrench.

3. Tips for using straps

1. Choose the appropriate strap length, not too long or too short, so that the wrench can hang naturally on the shoulder.

2. For different working heights and angles, the length and position of the strap need to be adjusted to ensure that the wrench is comfortable to use and does not hit other objects.

3. When using an impact wrench, the recoil force should be minimized to avoid damage to the arm and wrist.

In short, correctly installing the strap is a necessary step when using a cordless impact wrench. Only by mastering the operating skills and correct usage can we ensure the safety and efficiency of our work.

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