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How to adjust the torque of an electric torque wrench?

  How to adjust the torque of an electric torque wrench?

The electric wrench is a tool widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile maintenance, power industry and other fields. According to the needs of use, the electric torque wrench needs to be adjusted to a certain torque to ensure the working effect and safety, and to protect the safety of equipment and personnel. So, how does an electric torque wrench adjust the torque?

1. Understand the structure of electric torque wrench

Electric torque wrenches are generally composed of motors, reducers, switches, measurement and control systems, etc. Before use, the wrench needs to be inspected to ensure that it works well and that the reset mechanism, step-by-step transmission mechanism, force measuring part, control part and circuit part are working properly.

2. Adjust the torque value of the electric torque wrench

1. Determine the required torque value

Before adjusting the torque of the electric torque wrench, you need to first determine the required torque value. This value can refer to the data in the manual of the torque wrench, or it can be obtained through experimental measurement.

2. Set the torque value

Usually, there is an adjustment ring on the electric torque wrench, and the torque value is set through the adjustment ring. First, you need to connect the electric torque wrench to the power source, then place the wrench in the desired position and rotate the adjustment ring until you see the torque value matches the desired value.

3. Calibration torque value

After determining the required value, correct calibration needs to be performed for this value. First, before calibrating the electric torque wrench, the value of the set energy accumulator should be less than the indicated torque value. Then, the wrench needs to be fully exerted, and then adjusted according to the maximum value that occurs during exertion to ensure that the required adjusted torque value can reach the best level.

3. Precautions for use

1. Store wrenches correctly

During daily use, you need to pay attention to the correct storage of electric torque wrenches. Electric torque wrenches should be stored in a dry and ventilated place indoors, away from light and drafts. The storage environment temperature should be -10℃-+40℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%.

2. Use the wrench correctly

The correct use of electric torque wrenches complies with operating procedures and precautions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary to minimize the intensity of contact with the equipment during use. When using it, you need to ensure that the torque wrench cooperates well with the equipment to be repaired to obtain better results.

3. Regularly inspect and maintain wrenches

In order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the electric torque wrench, regular inspection and maintenance are required. Within the first month of using the wrench, detailed inspections are required and any problems found should be dealt with promptly. At the same time, regularly replace the lubricating oil in the wrench to prevent equipment failure and extend equipment life.

In short, the adjustment and maintenance of electric torque wrenches require great caution and attention to detail to ensure long-term reliable operation of the wrench. I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.

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