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What are the 220v corded plug-in pistol drill in 2024?

Overview of 220V Corded Plug-In Pistol Drills in 2024

In 2024, the market for 220V corded plug-in pistol drills continues to be robust, catering to both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. These drills are prized for their reliability, consistent power output, and the absence of battery-related downtimes. Below is an in-depth examination of some leading brands and models that stand out in this category.

Major Brands and Models

1. Bosch

Bosch has long been a dominant player in the power tools industry, known for its innovation, durability, and precision.

Model: Bosch GBM 13-2 RE

  • Power: 600W
  • Speed: Two-speed gearbox, 0-1000 RPM and 0-3000 RPM
  • Features: Keyed chuck, electronic speed control, reverse function, robust all-metal gearbox.

Description: The Bosch GBM 13-2 RE is designed for heavy-duty applications. Its dual-speed gearbox provides versatility, allowing for high torque at low speeds and faster drilling at high speeds. The electronic speed control ensures precision, making it ideal for both wood and metal drilling.

Model: Bosch GSB 1600 RE

  • Power: 700W
  • Speed: 0-3000 RPM
  • Features: Impact drilling function, electronic speed control, ergonomic design, keyed chuck.

Description: The Bosch GSB 1600 RE is a versatile tool with a built-in impact drilling function, making it suitable for drilling into tougher materials like concrete and masonry. Its ergonomic design reduces user fatigue, while the electronic speed control enhances precision.

2. Makita

Makita is renowned for producing high-quality, reliable power tools that cater to both professionals and hobbyists.

Model: Makita DP4010

  • Power: 720W
  • Speed: 0-1200 RPM and 0-2900 RPM (two-speed)
  • Features: Keyed chuck, ergonomic grip, all-metal construction, reverse function.

Description: The Makita DP4010 is a robust drill that features a two-speed gearbox for versatility. Its ergonomic design ensures user comfort during extended use, and its all-metal construction provides durability.

Model: Makita HP1631K

  • Power: 710W
  • Speed: 0-3200 RPM
  • Features: Impact drilling, keyed chuck, ergonomic handle, side handle for extra stability.

Description: The Makita HP1631K is designed for impact drilling, making it suitable for masonry and concrete. It comes with an auxiliary handle for added stability and control, enhancing precision and safety during use.

3. DeWalt

DeWalt is a well-respected name in the power tool industry, known for its rugged and durable products.

Model: DeWalt DWD024

  • Power: 650W
  • Speed: 0-2800 RPM
  • Features: Keyed chuck, ergonomic design, reverse function, all-metal chuck.

Description: The DeWalt DWD024 is a compact and lightweight drill that offers powerful performance for various drilling tasks. Its ergonomic design ensures user comfort, and the all-metal chuck provides excellent durability.

Model: DeWalt DWD530K

  • Power: 850W
  • Speed: 0-1250 RPM and 0-3500 RPM (two-speed)
  • Features: Impact drilling, keyed chuck, ergonomic handle, side handle, electronic speed control.

Description: The DeWalt DWD530K is a high-power drill with a two-speed gearbox, making it suitable for both high torque and high-speed applications. The impact drilling function allows it to handle tougher materials, and the ergonomic design reduces user fatigue.

4. Metabo

Metabo is known for its high-performance tools that cater to demanding professional applications.

Model: Metabo BE 75-16

  • Power: 750W
  • Speed: 0-1000 RPM and 0-3000 RPM (two-speed)
  • Features: Keyed chuck, electronic speed control, ergonomic design, robust metal gearbox.

Description: The Metabo BE 75-16 is designed for heavy-duty applications with a two-speed gearbox for versatility. Its robust metal gearbox ensures durability, and the ergonomic design enhances user comfort.

Model: Metabo SBE 780-2

  • Power: 780W
  • Speed: 0-1200 RPM and 0-3200 RPM (two-speed)
  • Features: Impact drilling, electronic speed control, robust construction, ergonomic grip.

Description: The Metabo SBE 780-2 is a versatile drill with impact drilling capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of materials. Its ergonomic grip and robust construction ensure both comfort and durability during extended use.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a 220V corded plug-in pistol drill, several key features should be considered to ensure the tool meets your needs:

  1. Power Output: Higher wattage typically means more power, which is crucial for heavy-duty tasks.
  2. Speed Settings: Variable speed controls and multi-speed gearboxes provide versatility for different materials and applications.
  3. Chuck Type: Keyed chucks offer a secure grip on drill bits, while keyless chucks provide convenience.
  4. Ergonomics: An ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and improves handling, especially during extended use.
  5. Impact Function: For drilling into hard materials like concrete and masonry, an impact or hammer function is essential.
  6. Durability: Robust construction, often with metal gearboxes and chucks, ensures the tool withstands tough conditions.


The 220V corded plug-in pistol drill market in 2024 offers a range of powerful, durable, and versatile tools suitable for various applications. Brands like Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, and Metabo continue to lead the market with models that cater to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you need a drill for heavy-duty construction work or for occasional home repairs, these models provide the reliability and performance necessary to get the job done effectively.

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