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What are the 36V cordless hand drill in 2024?

In 2024, the market for 36V cordless hand drills is bustling with innovative models from various reputable brands, each bringing unique features and capabilities to cater to both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. The 36V range is particularly popular for its balance of power and portability, making these drills versatile tools for a wide range of applications. Here’s an overview of some prominent 36V cordless hand drills available in 2024, highlighting key brands and models.

1. Makita

Makita XPH14T Makita continues to be a leading name in the power tools industry, and the XPH14T is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. This 36V cordless hand drill offers high torque, exceptional build quality, and an ergonomic design that reduces user fatigue during prolonged use. The XPH14T features a brushless motor that enhances efficiency and durability, a two-speed transmission for various drilling applications, and an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating.

2. DeWalt

DeWalt DCD999X1 DeWalt’s 36V cordless drill, the DCD999X1, is designed for heavy-duty tasks. It boasts a brushless motor, providing up to 57% more runtime than brushed counterparts. The drill includes a high-speed transmission with three speed settings, allowing for precise control over a range of drilling and fastening tasks. DeWalt has also incorporated a robust LED light to improve visibility in dark working conditions, making it a versatile tool for construction sites.

3. Bosch

Bosch GSR 36 VE-2-LI Bosch has long been synonymous with precision and reliability. The Bosch GSR 36 VE-2-LI is a 36V cordless drill that excels in both power and endurance. It features a high-performance brushless motor, Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) to extend battery life, and a torque control system that optimizes performance based on the task at hand. The drill is also equipped with a kickback control feature that reduces the risk of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions.

4. Milwaukee

Milwaukee M18 FPD2 Although typically known for their 18V tools, Milwaukee’s M18 FPD2 offers an equivalent power output to many 36V drills due to its advanced engineering and battery technology. This model is designed for tough tasks with its Powerstate brushless motor, Redlink Plus intelligence system to prevent overloading and overheating, and a hammer drill mode for masonry work. The ergonomic design and high-quality materials make it a durable and comfortable tool for prolonged use.

5. Hitachi (Hikoki)

Hikoki DV36DA Hikoki, formerly known as Hitachi, offers the DV36DA, a powerful 36V cordless drill that caters to professional needs. This model features a brushless motor, offering excellent runtime and performance. Its unique Reactive Force Control (RFC) technology minimizes the risk of injury by stopping the motor in the event of a sudden torque reaction. The DV36DA is also equipped with a hammer function for drilling into concrete and masonry.

6. Ryobi

Ryobi R36DD-L Ryobi’s R36DD-L is an affordable yet robust option in the 36V category. This drill provides ample power for a wide range of applications, thanks to its brushless motor and adjustable torque settings. It’s designed with user comfort in mind, featuring a soft-grip handle and a lightweight yet sturdy construction. The integrated LED work light and battery level indicator are practical additions that enhance the user experience.

7. Metabo

Metabo SB 36 LTX BL I Metabo’s SB 36 LTX BL I is a premium 36V cordless drill that stands out for its power and precision. The drill includes a brushless motor, which ensures a long service life and high efficiency. It also features Metabo’s Quick System for fast and tool-free accessory changes, a unique impulse function for removing stubborn screws, and an integrated LED light for improved visibility. This model is particularly favored by professionals who need a reliable and powerful tool for demanding applications.

8. Panasonic

Panasonic EY74A7 Panasonic’s EY74A7 is a 36V cordless drill that offers a balance of power and portability. Known for their robust design and long battery life, Panasonic drills are ideal for both industrial and residential use. The EY74A7 features a brushless motor, a compact design for ease of use in tight spaces, and a dual voltage system that allows the use of both 18V and 36V batteries. The drill also includes advanced torque control for precision and an electronic speed control for consistent performance.

9. Festool

Festool TDC 18/4 Festool’s TDC 18/4, while branded under the 18V range, matches the power output of 36V drills due to its sophisticated design and dual battery system. This model is engineered for high performance with its EC-TEC brushless motor, four-speed gearbox, and comprehensive electronic control system. It’s known for exceptional build quality and ergonomic design, making it a favorite among woodworking professionals and high-end users.

10. Hilti

Hilti SF 6H-A22 Hilti’s SF 6H-A22 is another 22V model that rivals the performance of many 36V drills, thanks to its robust engineering and high-efficiency motor. It offers a hammer drill mode, making it versatile for both drilling and hammering tasks. The Active Torque Control (ATC) technology enhances safety by stopping the tool in case of a sudden bind-up. Hilti’s tools are renowned for their durability and are widely used in construction and heavy-duty applications.

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a 36V cordless hand drill, several key features should be considered to ensure you get the most suitable tool for your needs:

  1. Motor Type: Brushless motors are generally more efficient, offer better performance, and have a longer lifespan than brushed motors.
  2. Torque and Speed Settings: Adjustable torque and multiple speed settings allow for greater control and versatility across different tasks.
  3. Battery Life and Charging Time: Long battery life and fast charging are crucial for maintaining productivity, especially on job sites.
  4. Ergonomics and Weight: A comfortable grip and manageable weight reduce user fatigue, making it easier to use the drill for extended periods.
  5. Additional Features: Integrated LED lights, battery level indicators, and safety features like kickback control can significantly enhance the usability and safety of the drill.


The market for 36V cordless hand drills in 2024 is rich with options from leading brands, each offering a blend of power, efficiency, and innovative features. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, there’s a model out there to meet your specific needs. Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Hikoki, Ryobi, Metabo, Panasonic, Festool, and Hilti have all introduced impressive models that stand out for their performance, durability, and user-friendly designs. When selecting a cordless drill, consider the specific requirements of your projects, and choose a model that offers the best combination of features and reliability.

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