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What are the 40V power tools in 2024?

In 2024, the landscape of 40V power tools is robust and diverse, offering a wide array of options for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. The 40V battery platform has become increasingly popular due to its balance between power and portability. This voltage class provides ample power for demanding tasks while remaining lighter and more manageable than higher voltage systems. Here, we will explore the 40V power tool offerings from several leading brands, detailing specific models and their features.


DeWalt is a renowned name in the power tool industry, known for its durability and high performance. Their 40V Max line includes several tools designed primarily for outdoor and landscaping tasks.

  1. DeWalt DCM575X1 Chainsaw:
    • Features: 16-inch bar and chain, brushless motor, tool-free chain tensioning.
    • Benefits: High efficiency, reduced maintenance, easy adjustments.
  2. DeWalt DCST990X1 String Trimmer:
    • Features: 15-inch cutting swath, variable speed trigger, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: Excellent for heavy-duty trimming, extended runtime, and power.
  3. DeWalt DCBL790X1 Blower:
    • Features: 400 CFM and 120 MPH, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: High air volume for effective debris clearing, efficient battery usage.
  4. DeWalt DCHT895X1 Hedge Trimmer:
    • Features: 22-inch laser-cut blades, pivoting head.
    • Benefits: Precision cutting, adjustable angles for various hedge shapes.


Greenworks is another leading brand in battery-operated outdoor equipment, and their 40V line is extensive and highly regarded.

  1. Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower (MO40L410):
    • Features: 21-inch deck, dual battery ports, smart cut technology.
    • Benefits: Powerful performance, long runtime, adjusts power based on grass thickness.
  2. Greenworks 40V Chainsaw (CS40L210):
    • Features: 14-inch bar, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: Smooth and quiet operation, reduced vibration, and longer lifespan.
  3. Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower (BL40L410):
    • Features: 390 CFM, 110 MPH, variable speed control.
    • Benefits: Lightweight design, efficient clearing of leaves and debris.
  4. Greenworks 40V String Trimmer (ST40L410):
    • Features: 12-inch cutting path, automatic feed head.
    • Benefits: Ease of use, consistent cutting performance.


Ryobi has made a significant mark with its ONE+ system, which includes a 40V line aimed at providing high performance for heavy-duty applications.

  1. Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Lawn Mower (RY401150):
    • Features: 21-inch deck, load-sensing technology, 7-position height adjustment.
    • Benefits: Superior cutting power, adjustable to different grass heights, efficient battery use.
  2. Ryobi 40V Brushless Chainsaw (RY40580):
    • Features: 18-inch bar, brushless motor, chain brake.
    • Benefits: High torque, safety features, longer run time.
  3. Ryobi 40V Backpack Blower (RY40440):
    • Features: 625 CFM, 145 MPH, variable speed trigger.
    • Benefits: High air volume for heavy debris, comfortable backpack design for extended use.
  4. Ryobi 40V Hedge Trimmer (RY40610A):
    • Features: 24-inch dual-action blades, rotating handle.
    • Benefits: Precision and control in trimming, ergonomic handle for better maneuverability.


Kobalt is known for its reliable and affordable power tools, and their 40V line is no exception, offering a range of outdoor tools suitable for various tasks.

  1. Kobalt 40V Max Brushless Chainsaw (KCS 1240B-03):
    • Features: 12-inch bar, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: Efficient and powerful cutting, reduced maintenance.
  2. Kobalt 40V Max String Trimmer (KST 140XB-06):
    • Features: 15-inch cutting swath, dual line feed.
    • Benefits: Effective trimming, easy line replacement.
  3. Kobalt 40V Max Blower (KHB 400B-06):
    • Features: 500 CFM, 120 MPH, variable speed trigger.
    • Benefits: High performance in clearing debris, adjustable speed for different tasks.
  4. Kobalt 40V Max Hedge Trimmer (KHT 240B-06):
    • Features: 24-inch dual-action blade, pivoting head.
    • Benefits: Versatile and precise trimming, ergonomic design for comfort.


EGO has become a major player in the battery-powered outdoor equipment market, and their 40V tools are known for their innovation and high performance.

  1. EGO 40V Mower (LM2100SP):
    • Features: 21-inch deck, self-propelled, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: High efficiency, ease of use, adjustable cutting height.
  2. EGO 40V Chainsaw (CS1401):
    • Features: 14-inch bar, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: Powerful cutting, reduced noise and vibration.
  3. EGO 40V Blower (LB5302):
    • Features: 530 CFM, 110 MPH, variable speed control.
    • Benefits: High air output for effective clearing, ergonomic design for user comfort.
  4. EGO 40V Hedge Trimmer (HT2400):
    • Features: 24-inch dual-action blades, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: Precision cutting, extended runtime.


Makita is known for its high-quality tools, and their 40V range includes robust options for both professional and home use.

  1. Makita 40V Max XGT Chainsaw (GCU01M1):
    • Features: 16-inch bar, brushless motor.
    • Benefits: High power and efficiency, low noise operation.
  2. Makita 40V Max XGT Blower (GBU01M1):
    • Features: 459 CFM, 116 MPH, cruise control lever.
    • Benefits: Powerful debris clearing, consistent performance.
  3. Makita 40V Max XGT String Trimmer (GTU01M1):
    • Features: 15-inch cutting swath, automatic speed control.
    • Benefits: Effective trimming with variable speed, ergonomic design for comfort.
  4. Makita 40V Max XGT Hedge Trimmer (GHT01M1):
    • Features: 24-inch dual-action blades, five-position rotating rear handle.
    • Benefits: Versatile and precise trimming, adjustable handle for different angles.


WORX has also entered the 40V market with tools that emphasize innovation and user-friendly features.

  1. WORX 40V Cordless Mower (WG743):
    • Features: 17-inch deck, IntelliCut technology.
    • Benefits: Adjusts power based on grass conditions, compact design.
  2. WORX 40V Chainsaw (WG384):
    • Features: 14-inch bar, tool-free chain tensioning.
    • Benefits: Easy maintenance, efficient cutting performance.
  3. WORX 40V Blower (WG584):
    • Features: 430 CFM, 90 MPH, variable speed control.
    • Benefits: Effective clearing of leaves and debris, lightweight and maneuverable.
  4. WORX 40V Hedge Trimmer (WG284):
    • Features: 24-inch dual-action blades, D-grip front handle.
    • Benefits: Precision cutting, ergonomic handle for better control.


The 40V power tool market in 2024 offers a wide range of options across several major brands, each providing unique features and benefits tailored to different user needs. From the heavy-duty performance of DeWalt and Makita to the innovative designs of EGO and WORX, there is a 40V tool to suit almost any outdoor task. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a weekend warrior, the diversity and quality of 40V power tools available ensure you can find the right tool for your job.

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