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electric drill plate cutter home depot?

Electric Drill Plate Cutters: An Overview

Electric drill plate cutters are versatile tools designed to cut through various metal plates with precision and ease. These tools are essential for professionals in construction, metalworking, and even for DIY enthusiasts tackling projects at home. Home Depot, a leading retailer of home improvement products, offers a variety of electric drill plate cutters suitable for different applications. This overview will explore the common models available at Home Depot, their features, uses, and what to consider when purchasing one.

Common Models of Electric Drill Plate Cutters at Home Depot

  1. DEWALT DWASHRIR Impact Ready Shears Attachment
    • Overview: The DEWALT DWASHRIR is a shear attachment that connects to most impact drivers, turning them into powerful sheet metal cutters. This tool is known for its durability and efficiency.
    • Features:
      • Fits most 18V to 20V impact drivers.
      • 360-degree swivel head for maneuverability.
      • Cuts up to 18-gauge material.
      • Compact and lightweight design.
    • Uses: Ideal for HVAC, roofing, and metal fabrication tasks. Its ability to swivel makes it perfect for cutting curves and shapes in metal sheets.
  2. Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear
    • Overview: The Malco TSCM is designed specifically for cutting through corrugated metal roofing and siding. It attaches to a drill, providing an efficient and clean cut.
    • Features:
      • Fits most corded or cordless drills.
      • Adjustable head for navigating profiles and corrugations.
      • Cuts through 30-24 gauge corrugated steel.
      • Easy to operate and reduces operator fatigue.
    • Uses: Primarily used in roofing and siding installation where corrugated metal is prevalent. Its design allows it to handle the unique challenges of cutting corrugated metal.
  3. Klein Tools 76011B Aviation Snips
    • Overview: Although not a drill attachment, Klein Tools 76011B Aviation Snips are hand tools that offer precision cutting for sheet metal. These snips are often used alongside electric drill cutters for detailed work.
    • Features:
      • Made with forged, heat-treated steel for durability.
      • Cuts up to 18-gauge cold rolled steel and 22-gauge stainless steel.
      • Spring-loaded for easy operation.
      • Non-slip grips for comfort and control.
    • Uses: Perfect for HVAC installation, metal fabrication, and for making detailed cuts that electric tools may not handle well.
  4. Makita XNJ01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Nibbler
    • Overview: The Makita XNJ01Z is a powerful cordless nibbler designed to cut through sheet metal without deforming the material. It’s part of Makita’s extensive line of cordless tools.
    • Features:
      • Powered by Makita’s 18V LXT battery system.
      • Cuts up to 16-gauge mild steel and 18-gauge stainless steel.
      • Rotating head for cutting in various directions.
      • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
    • Uses: Suitable for cutting metal in tight spaces and for making clean, precise cuts without warping the material. Ideal for automotive work, HVAC, and general metal fabrication.
  5. Milwaukee 2470-20 M12 Cordless Shear
    • Overview: The Milwaukee 2470-20 is a compact cordless shear that offers excellent performance for cutting through metal. It’s part of Milwaukee’s M12 line of tools.
    • Features:
      • Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM batteries.
      • Cuts up to 18-gauge stainless steel and 20-gauge sheet metal.
      • Variable speed trigger for better control.
      • Ergonomic handle design for comfort during extended use.
    • Uses: Ideal for sheet metal workers, electricians, and plumbers who need a portable, yet powerful cutting tool for metal.

Considerations When Purchasing an Electric Drill Plate Cutter

When choosing an electric drill plate cutter, several factors should be considered to ensure you select the right tool for your needs:

  1. Material Thickness: Ensure the cutter can handle the thickness of the metal you plan to work with. Different models have different capacities, so check the specifications carefully.
  2. Type of Metal: Some cutters are designed specifically for certain types of metal (e.g., stainless steel, mild steel, corrugated metal). Make sure the tool is compatible with the metal you will be cutting.
  3. Power Source: Consider whether a corded or cordless model is more suitable for your work environment. Cordless models offer greater flexibility and portability, while corded models might provide more consistent power.
  4. Ergonomics: Look for a tool that is comfortable to hold and use, especially if you will be operating it for extended periods. Features like non-slip grips and lightweight designs can reduce fatigue.
  5. Versatility: Some models offer interchangeable heads or attachments that can expand the tool’s capabilities. This versatility can be beneficial if you need to perform various types of cuts.
  6. Brand Reputation and Warranty: Established brands like DEWALT, Makita, and Milwaukee are known for their quality and reliability. Additionally, check the warranty offered, as this can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.


Electric drill plate cutters are invaluable tools for anyone working with metal. The models available at Home Depot, including the DEWALT DWASHRIR, Malco TSCM, Klein Tools 76011B, Makita XNJ01Z, and Milwaukee 2470-20, offer a range of features to suit different needs and applications. When selecting a plate cutter, consider factors such as material thickness, type of metal, power source, ergonomics, versatility, and brand reputation. With the right tool, you can achieve precise and efficient cuts, making your metalworking projects easier and more professional.

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