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What brands of corded impact drills are there?

What brands of corded impact drills are there?
The rope impact drilling tool is a tool specially used for underground drilling or rock crushing. It is widely used in many industries such as geological exploration, mining, water conservancy construction, etc. Here are some of the well-known brands of wireline impact drilling tools:

Atlas Copco: This is a Swedish multinational engineering group that develops, produces and sells industrial tools, equipment and related services. In the field of drilling, Atlas Copco offers a variety of products including wireline impact drilling tools.
Ingersoll Rand: This is an American company and a leading global diversified industrial company that provides a variety of products including air compressors, pumps, tools, and drilling rigs. Its drilling equipment enjoys a good reputation in the industry.
Trelleborg: This is a Swedish multinational group focusing on rubber, plastics and composite materials technology. In the field of drilling, Trelleborg’s rubber technology is widely used in various drilling tools and seals.
Husqvarna: This is a Swedish company that mainly produces outdoor power products for the forestry, gardening, construction and stone industries. Although its main business is not drilling equipment, Husqvarna also offers a range of drilling tools and accessories.

German Bauer: German Bauer is a multinational company specializing in the manufacturing of basic engineering equipment. Its products include rotary drilling rigs, fully hydraulic power head drilling rigs, full casing drilling rigs, etc. Its product line may also include wireline impact drills. Tool.
Sany Heavy Industry (SANY): China’s Sany Heavy Industry is a well-known heavy machinery manufacturer. Its product lines cover concrete machinery, excavating machinery, hoisting machinery, road construction machinery, etc. It has also developed in the field of drilling equipment in recent years.
XCMG Group (XCMG): XCMG Group is one of the leading companies in China’s construction machinery industry. Its products include lifting machinery, earthmoving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, etc., and may also provide drilling-related equipment.
It should be noted that due to the high professionalism and demand for customization of wireline impact drilling tools, many brands may not sell directly to consumers, but sell through specific channels or agents. In addition, as technology develops and markets change, new brands and products may continue to emerge. Therefore, when choosing wireline impact drilling tools, it is recommended to choose products from well-known brands and reliable suppliers based on specific needs and budget.

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