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How to use a cordless impact hammer?

  How to use a cordless impact hammer?

A cordless impact hammer (also known as a cordless hammer or cordless impact drill) is a handheld power tool that combines the functions of an electric drill and an impact drill, and is suitable for drilling or lightweight work in hard materials such as concrete, masonry, etc. disassembly work. The following are the basic methods of using a cordless impact hammer:


Make sure the battery is fully charged and properly installed on the tool.

Select the appropriate drill bit or impact bit according to the work needs, and install it firmly on the impact hammer.

Wear appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and earplugs.

Check the work area to make sure there are no obstructions or safety hazards.

Turn on the power:

Press the power switch on the tool to start the cordless impact hammer.

Check that the tool is operating properly and pay attention to any unusual sounds or vibrations.

Select mode:

Most cordless impact hammers have different working modes such as rotation mode, impact mode (rotation plus impact), and hammer mode (hammering only). Choose the appropriate mode according to your work needs.

Typically, rotation mode is suitable for drilling holes in wood or metal, while impact mode is suitable for drilling holes in concrete or masonry.

Adjust speed and power:

Adjust the speed and force of the impact hammer as needed. Typically, these settings can be adjusted via a knob or switch on the tool.

Be careful not to operate the impact hammer with excessive force or too quickly to avoid damaging the tool or creating a safety hazard.

start working:

Aim the drill bit at the location where you want to drill the hole and gently press the impact hammer to start working.

Maintain a stable posture and appropriate pressure to ensure the drill bit can enter the material smoothly.

If necessary, the impact hammer can be rotated slightly during the drilling process to adjust the direction.

Get the job done:

When the drill bit has penetrated the material or completed the required work, release the hammer and turn off the power.

Pull out the drill bit and clean the work area.


When using a cordless impact hammer, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.

Do not use the impact hammer near flammable materials to avoid fire hazards.

Avoid using the impact hammer continuously for a long time to avoid overheating and damaging the battery or motor.

Check whether all parts of the tool are intact before and after use. If there is any problem, repair or replace it in time.

Please note that the above steps may vary depending on the brand and model of cordless impact hammer. Therefore, be sure to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines before use.

If the drill bit breaks while using a cordless impact hammer, here are some recommended steps to deal with the problem:

Turn off the power immediately: First, stop using the impact hammer immediately and turn off the power. This prevents further damage or accidents.

Disconnect power source and battery: If possible, disconnect the hammer from the power source or battery to ensure safety.

Check the drill bit: Check the broken drill bit carefully to see if there is any remaining part in the impact hammer’s chuck. If any remains, carefully remove it from the chuck.

Remove Residue: Use a tool such as a brush or air blower to remove any debris or residue that may be present in the impact hammer chuck. Make sure the chuck is clean so you can install the new drill bit.

Select a New Drill Bit: Select the appropriate new drill bit based on your needs. Make sure the new drill bit is a size and type compatible with the impact hammer.

Install the new drill bit: Follow the hammer’s instructions or manufacturer’s guidelines to properly install the new drill bit on the impact hammer’s chuck. Make sure the drill bit is securely locked in the chuck.

Check the tool: After installing the new drill bit, check all parts of the hammer again to make sure they are all in good working order.

Restart the tool: Reconnect the power source or battery and start the hammer. Before starting up, there are some simple tests you can do to make sure both the tool and your new drill bit are working properly.

Pay attention to safety: When using a new drill bit, pay special attention to safety. Avoid operating the hammer too hard or too quickly on hard materials to avoid breaking the drill bit again or causing other damage.

Dispose of old drill bits: Dispose of old broken drill bits properly. Do not discard it in the environment. Place it in a suitable recycling container or contact your local recycling station for disposal.

Please note that the above steps may vary depending on the brand and model of cordless impact hammer. Therefore, when dealing with a broken drill bit, it’s best to refer to the impact hammer’s instructions or contact the manufacturer for more specific guidance.

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