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How to adjust the manual impact screwdriver?

  How to adjust the manual impact screwdriver?

The method of adjusting the forward and reverse direction of a manual impact screwdriver mainly depends on its design and construction. Here is a common manual adjustment method:

First, make sure the screwdriver head is equipped with an adapter. If there is a conversion head on the head of the screwdriver, adjusting the forward and reverse directions becomes relatively simple. The conversion head usually has different flanges corresponding to the forward and reverse directions. Simply remove the screwdriver head and replace it with the required adapter head.

If the screwdriver head does not have an adapter, the direction needs to be adjusted manually. Before using the screwdriver, make sure that the direction knob or button on the handle is loosened. Then, use the palm of your hand to twist the handle of the knife to adjust the direction of the knife head. During this process, it is necessary to use force to ensure that the cutter head does not deflect or loosen, so as not to affect the use effect.

Please note that the above methods are for reference only, and the specific operations may vary depending on the brand and model of screwdriver. If you are not sure how to adjust the forward and reverse directions of the screwdriver, it is recommended to refer to the product manual or consult the manufacturer’s customer service.

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