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How to use electric screwdriver drilling machine?

  How to use electric screwdriver drilling machine?

How to use the electric screwdriver drilling machine is as follows:

Prepare the tools and materials needed to operate the drill.

Decide where you want to drill the holes and mark them with a suitable marking tool, such as a pencil or marker.

Insert the screwdriver bit (or drill bit) into the drill bit hole. In some cases, you may need to use an adapter tube. Be sure to choose the correct adapter for the type of screwdriver bit or drill bit you are using, and make sure they are securely connected together.

Turn on the power switch, and then gently press the switch of the electric drill to control the speed of the electric drill. When starting out, it is recommended to proceed at a lower speed to avoid damaging the material or tooling by going too fast.

Aim the electric screwdriver drill at the marked location, maintain it vertical or at the desired tilt angle, and slowly start drilling. During the drilling process, maintain appropriate pressure and control the speed of the electric drill to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the hole.

When you have finished drilling, release the drill switch and disconnect the power source. At this point, the screwdriver bit (or drill bit) should be removed from the electric drill and stored properly for next use.

Please note that when using an electric screwdriver drilling machine, be sure to follow relevant safety regulations and operating guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and others. In addition, different electric screwdriver drilling machines may have different functions and operating methods, so please read the product manual carefully before use and follow the instructions in the manual.

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