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Comparison of side-mounted lawn mowers and backpack lawn mowers

  Comparison of side-mounted lawn mowers and backpack lawn mowers

Side-mounted and backpack-type lawn mowers are portable garden tools. They are powered by a small two-stroke or four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine, and drive the blades to rotate through a transmission shaft to complete various tasks. They have good durability. , very light to start, very simple and convenient to operate, and has a wide range of applications, such as: cutting shrubs and weeds in the forest to facilitate the growth of forest trees, pedestrians walking around. Trimming some small lawns, around tree roots, etc. that lawn trimmers cannot reach. Local lawn mowing can be done with a brush cutter.

Side-mounted lawn mowers are durable:

(1) Theoretically speaking, if roughly the same engine is used to achieve the same function, the more complex the structure, the more factors may cause failure. The backpack structure is more complicated, so it is prone to problems. In actual use, the backpack type is prone to problems.

(2) From the actual situation, the domestic brush cutter market is basically a professional market, which requires durable machines. Therefore, the backpack type is basically not used in the domestic market, and almost all are side-mounted.

Knapsack lawn mower is efficient and labor-saving:

(1) The backpack type has an extra section of flexible shaft rotation. First of all, if there is an extra section of transmission, power will be lost. In addition, the flexible shaft is a non-rigid transmission, and its transmission method determines that part of the power will inevitably be lost. So side-mounted is more efficient.

(2) Looking at the international and domestic professional markets, almost all of them use side-mounted brush cutters. Only in low-end markets such as Southeast Asia, there are more backpack models. If it were not efficient, it would have been eliminated in the professional market long ago.

The backpack type requires a flexible shaft link and has a relatively high failure rate, but it is used in a wide range of terrains. The side-mounted hard pole operation has a low failure rate, but its use in terrain is limited. The backpack style is more labor-saving.

In terms of form, one is hung sideways on the body and the other is carried on the back. In comparison, the side-mounted type is lighter, more durable, and more efficient.

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