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Torque wrench function

  Torque wrench function

The functions of a torque wrench are as follows:

Precisely control bolt tightening torque. Ensure that the bolt tightening meets the specified requirements to prevent damage caused by over-tightening or under-tightening of the bolts.

Improve work efficiency. Its easy operation can improve the efficiency of tightening and disassembly work. In scenarios where components need to be frequently tightened and disassembled, the torque wrench can save time and labor.

Ensure connection security. By applying precise torque, a torque wrench helps ensure that threaded connections are within design requirements, thereby increasing the security of the connection.

Avoid thread damage. Precise torque control prevents thread damage during assembly and protects the service life of the thread.

Improve assembly quality and safety. Through precise control of fastening bolts, it can be ensured that the installed parts meet the manufacturer’s requirements, thereby improving assembly quality and avoiding safety accidents caused by bolts and nuts that are too loose or too tight.

In addition, torque wrenches are suitable for a variety of applications. Whether it is small or large torque applications, torque wrenches can be used for tightening, and they are easy to calibrate and maintain. Regular calibration of torque wrenches can ensure the accuracy of measurement results.

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